5 Home Security Trends To Keep An Eye On

12 / 11 / 2020

Historically, home security systems have relied on simple mechanisms like a deadbolt on the front door or an intruder alarm. However, as criminals have become smarter, traditional approaches to home security are becoming less effective than they were in the past.

The global security market is worth an estimated $100B in 2020. Research and development into new and improved home security systems has resulted in many innovative technologies being developed. These technologies are used to deter intruders and provide peace of mind to residential occupants.

The following list of home security trends has been put together to give home owners some ideas about better home security. Read on to learn what you can do to further protect your home and its occupants from burglary or vandalism.

Modern Security Failures

The trend of shopping at bricks and mortar stores has fallen by the roadside in modern times. Door service provided by most retail and food outlets means that traditional security systems are becoming inadequate. Guards, sign in sheets and intercoms are becoming obsolete along with the development of cloud-based storage and smart home devices.

Preventing burglaries therefore requires increasingly innovative solutions. One example is storing sign in information on the cloud to protect it from non user access.

Better alarm systems and security cameras are being released daily. High quality, internet connected security features are providing home automation with respect to home security technology.

Surveillance systems are increasingly accessible via Wi fi. Security products are now activated by voice commands and other smart home devices. All of these developments have been undertaken to address failure within previous home security systems.

Rise of App Based Smart Security Systems

Mobile technology is being increasingly integrated in smart home security systems. Residents want total control over sign ins and guest sign in from remote locations. this has required the development of user friendly smart phone apps designed to take control of home security systems.

Remote access to connected devices has become increasingly common in mobile security apps. Cameras, intercoms and even smart locks and smart lights can now be accessed anywhere in the world from a mobile phone. Mobile apps integrate with the hardware installed at a residential or business property. They can be used when the home owner is connected to a WiFi network anywhere in the world.

Visual Technology Is On The Rise

Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have led to the rise of smart home security systems. These rely on a visual feed of data to profile home occupants and guests. Facial recognition software can now recognise threats to home security before they even reach the premises.

Motion tracking technology too provides new and exciting features for home owners who are looking to beef up their home security. Objects can be classified according to a database and verified as a threat according to an index of potential security hazards.

Convergent Security Platforms

Most traditional security systems have relied on offline storage to archive data captured by CCTV cameras or fingerprinting devices. When it’s needed to investigate a crime, this data is slow to work with. Data can only be transferred physically, not wirelessly, and analytics on a large scale become close to impossible. Modern systems are increasingly utilising online storage systems to record and transmit data.

Furthermore, data analytics is being applied in increasing degrees to security data stored on the cloud. The indexation and evaluation of threats can be undertaken regularly in this instance. Security solutions can consequently be developed for specific scenarios.

Child Safety Devices

Upgrades to home security have included functionality designed to allow freedom of movement for children living in gated complexes. Digital approvals for children to step out of the home are one such innovation. Another is digital validation of nannies or temporary guardians who are looking after children.

Contact Access Denied Security

Modern innovations in home and business security systems are providing greater peace of mind. They provide more effective deterrents to burglars and vandals. If you’re interested in improving your home or business security, contact us today for a quick discussion about your situation.

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