Budget Home Security: Secure Your Home On A Shoestring

12 / 10 / 2020

The cost of living in Australia has never been higher. Some respite has been offered during COVID-19 with regards to deferred mortgage payments and cheaper housing. However, living expenses, transport and groceries still take up a large percentage of everyone’s income. When someone gets too big for their boots and thinks what’s yours is theirs it can be utterly devastating. Losing precious possessions during a robbery is one of the worst things you can go through emotionally. The losses take significant time to recoup and that makes the cost of living even less bearable following break-in. We have compiled the following list to detail simple steps you can take to increase your home security, protect your things and enjoy supreme peace of mind.

Secure Windows With Locks

If you have street-facing windows, or windows elsewhere on the exterior of your home, a pack of window locks can be a great method of protecting your asset. These can be bought from Bunnings for around $4 and simply installed using a screwdriver. These prevent some of the most accessible areas of your home from being burgled. Just be sure to lock them.

Lock Each and Every Door When You Leave The Home

The practice of locking your doors when you leave the home applies not only to secure doors, but also to fly screens. You must do this regardless of where you live to ensure that passersby do not simply walk up to your property and enter the premises. Locking fly screen doors can prevent people from using crowbars to lever open secure doors. It might take an extra second to lock the doors, but it’s well worth the peace of mind you enjoy knowing your home is secure.

Consider Buying A Dog

This decision must be considered very carefully because there is a lot of responsibility that comes with dog ownership. Dogs, however, can significantly increase the chances the presence of a robber will be broadcast loudly to all occupants of your house and nearby neighbours. The presence of a dog can also easily scare would-be burglars into attempting to rob an easier target.

Security Window Stickers

When used in combination with window locks, these can prove to be an effective deterrent. Potential break and enters can be prevented when a burglar finds the windows locks and reads that he won’t be able to smash the windows open. The placebo effect can be very strong and used in this way to protect your home.

Leave Lights On When Going Out

This may not work in the instance of a planned burglary, but it will successfully deter opportunist thieves that are operating at random. A radio can be left on in areas proximous to doors to achieve the same effect.

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