Does CCTV Actually Reduce Crime?

20 / 10 / 2020

It’s impossible to know the number of break-ins the CCTV has prevented in the first place. In other words, we can clearly see the failures but not the successes (the incidents prevented).

Does CCTV actually reduce crime

First, let’s assume here that surveillance cameras actually reduce crime. For example, the security cameras help catch criminals because there’s solid evidence about the act. Criminals and intruders know this, which is why they get discouraged. They won’t continue the plan and perhaps find an easier target or hopefully forget about the plan.

The fear of getting caught has prevented countless crimes and intrusions. Most people get afraid once they realise there are inevitable consequences. With functional surveillance cameras, they become more aware of those consequences and it’s just way easier to move on to easier targets or do anything else instead of the crime.

However, that doesn’t mean there will be zero incidents. After all, intruders and burglars are getting more creative and sophisticated each day. They can learn how to disable the cameras or work around other challenges (it’s easy to block the camera’s field of view). In movies you might have already watched how intruders looped what the cameras see (all night there seems to be no movement but the entire coverage was actually played in loop).

As a result, it’s crucial to add more security measures such as alarms and making sure the windows and doors are strong enough to withstand repeated attempts. Also, human-technology collaboration can help in further reducing the risks (security personnel plus the cameras, alarms and intercoms). It’s also important that all the security systems are modern and functional.

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