How Burglars and Intruders Think?

12 / 08 / 2020

Perhaps it’s more about spotting an easy opportunity than taking a risk on breaking into someone’s home or place of business. When there’s an easy opportunity, a few will be quick to spot and exploit that.

How burglars and intruders think

Even in residential and commercial areas with almost zero crime rates, the risks and dangers from burglary and break-ins are still there. After all, it’s not an incident that happens to someone else. Everyone’s at risk and we have to do a proper job of securing ourselves.

It’s all about opportunity, ease of access and low chances of getting caught. It’s especially the case now where intruders and burglars are getting more creative and savvy in their ways. They’re becoming better at assessing the risks and choosing the right target. They’ve also become good at avoiding unnecessary risks.

Also realise that they have lots of time to figure things out and come up with clever ways to effectively break into a dwelling and efficiently get the valuables. While we are busy with our work and other responsibilities, there are some who are busy plotting something illegal. They imagine the scenarios and possibilities so as to minimise the risks of getting caught.

What should you do then to stay several steps ahead of their plans and attempts? Priority is to make intrusion and burglary impossible in the first place. This means the doors and windows are locked and strong. After all, the easiest way to break in is through an unlocked door (surprisingly, this is one of the most common reasons why burglars get successful). Another priority is to discourage the intrusion by having loud dogs (which might not be appropriate in many households and commercial premises), having the TV or a constant noise or sound inside the premises and having security cameras installed (these should be highly visible to discourage the intruders).

In other words, we should get proactive and anticipate the plans of burglars. This way we can install what’s necessary to protect ourselves, loved ones and valuables. This also helps in gaining peace of mind and focusing better on other important matters. In these uncertain times, we have to take care of the basics and security first because it only takes a single incident for huge and irreversible losses to occur.