How Can a Business Owner Prevent Burglary

14 / 06 / 2020

There have been serious local and international reports of commercial break-ins and burglaries. With revenues down, new threats and growing uncertainties, the last thing business owners want to see is a break-in. Aside from the financial losses, business owners also find it hard to keep going or focus on new opportunities.

How can a business owner prevent burglary

Intruders and burglars are getting more violent and creative these days. As a result, the premise’ security systems should be several steps ahead. Also, all risks and vulnerabilities should be considered and covered and there are lots of them.

In general, the main goal is to prevent or discourage break-ins. For example, if your business mainly deals with cash transactions surely intruders will take notice and get encouraged to break in. After all, cash is easier to get and carry than valuable equipment and merchandise. Also, burglars also need to find buyers for the stolen goods (which is another extra step for getting money instead of stealing the money in the first place).

To discourage or prevent the break-in, the business owner or staff should limit the amount of cash in the premises. The counting of money should be private (not in public view) so there will be no temptation. The business owner should also consider more cashless transactions so that there will be zero or minimal amount of cash in the premises. To encourage cashless transactions from customers, it helps to provide discounts and other incentives if they pay through other means.

What about protecting the merchandise and other assets such as computers and documents? Business owners should pay attention to all potential entry and exit points. This is not just about the doors and windows, but also about the walls, ceilings and floors. All of these should be of solid construction (keep in mind that burglars are getting more creative and violent). To enhance the physical security in the area and discourage intruders, it also helps to have a modern alarm, CCTV and security system in the premises. This is an additional layer of protection and also gives peace of mind to business owners.

For business security, you can phone us today at 0455 999 777. Here at Access Denied Security we’ll design a tailored and cost-effective security solution for your commercial premises. We’ll take the time to assess all risks and vulnerabilities in the site. This way, you’ll still have peace of mind even while you’re away or focused on your family or with more important things than your business.